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Is it Black Henna?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

INK-Q is not black henna at all , and please be very careful with black henna , there is no such thing as a black henna.

Henna comes in brown color shades , but never in black.

Black henna is actually brown henna mixed with very dangerous chemicals such as hair dyes (PPD) and other chemical that could cause skin damage or even cancer.

So please avoid at all costs Black henna. There are many stories all across the web about people trying black henna and getting skin damage that lasted for years.

INK-Q is a very good alternative to black henna , its 100% organic with no chemicals added at all , and it give a dark Black/Blue stain .

The reason we ask you to store INK-Q in the freezer is because its organic and could get affected by room temperature.

Happy Inking.

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